AfriSki Mountain Resort situated in the Maluti Mountains in Lesotho had new interest from managing partners and wanted to re-brand the resort. The new partners at the time felt the existing image was cluttered, stale and needed new life. Over a 7 year period, I worked on all aspects of their design.

Initially starting with a new resort logo and corporate image implementing new stationary and a website.

Then worked through all the affiliated companies attached to the brand at the resort. Each year that the brand became popular and they got more budget to spend on the resort. New tasks would arise from mountain road signage, resort restaurant/building signage, event posters, menu design, brochure design to advertising.

The resort being a known as a snow resort initially would get most of their income and bookings from the winter season. In Summer the resort would see very little traffic not being feasible to remain open for the warmer months.

Later a name change from Afriski Ski + Mountain Resort to AfriSki Adventure Resort shifted the focus to include Summer adventure activities. This gave people a reason to enjoy the summer months at the resort creating bookings all year round increasing revenue.

Working closely with the client we managed to create an adventure resort that keeps people coming back for Adventure year after year.

It is a place to let your hair down, test your nerves and break out of your shell. At 3200m above sea level a sniff of a bear cap gets you tipsy. The party environment is addictive and truly a blast. As the saying goes, “What happens at AfriSki, stays at Afriski”…

Creative Work at a Glance:

  • Advert Design
  • Document Design + Templates
  • Corporate Stationary
  • Print Materials
  • Corporate Gift Design
  • Restaurant Logo Design / Signage / Menus
  • Building Information Design / Signage
  • Road Signage
  • Large Format Printing – Billboards / Window Contra Vision