Bongani Rainmaker was a client project for over nine years. They are a medium sized logistics company that creates customized distribution solutions for their clients.

Mainly focusing the distribution of education materials to rural schools, education departments and facilities. Bongani Rainmaker set themselves apart from their competitors. They could get your education / learning materials to the most remote areas in Southern Africa with ease.

The design process started initially with a corporate identity and progressed over the years to various internal office art pieces, signage, warehouse information design / signage and branding of their fleet of logistics vehicles as they grew bigger each year.

I worked on tender documents, presentation design, brochure designs, branding for specific distribution projects, office posters, clothing for staff members, the list was long and always continuous.

Creative Work at a Glance:

  • Advert Design
  • Document Design + Templates
  • Corporate Stationary
  • Print Materials
  • Corporate Gift Design
  • Building Information Design / Signage
  • Large Format Printing – Billboards / Window Contra Vision
  • Internal Office Artwork / Branding
  • Corporate Clothing Design